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The Theme of the MUSH

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The Theme of the MUSH Empty The Theme of the MUSH

Post  Setrin on Wed Jan 02, 2013 2:20 am

RPiM is a canon-based MUSH with room for user-created content. What this means is that we use aspects seen in the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as the primary driving force behind the setting, occasionally extrapolating on certain areas that require more detail than is provided as it is needed. Worldbuilding is both allowed and encouraged, but must remain within the scope of what could reasonably be seen and supported by the show. After being approved by staff, custom content must be then also approved by a majority vote by the userbase.

Priority 1: Friendship is Magic
The show is the primary driving force behind MUSH canon and serves as the main bulk of what composes the MUSH setting and theme. Nothing is allowed to override what is seen in episodes and additions are only made as they are needed. Exceptions will be made in regards to some sight gags, cartoon logic, and 4th wallisms. If any canon evidence shows up and disproves or changes anything below it in priority, the show will take precedence. In extreme cases this can result in retcons.

Priority 2: Filling in the Blanks
Not everything in the show is particularly explained, and occasionally it is required to do so of our own volition to keep specifics to a standard to avoid confusion. Formal organizations without much discussed structure such as the Equestrian Royal Guard or the Wonderbolts as well as exotic cultures of the Zebra or Griffon lands are candidates for this category. This level of building has to be approved by staff.

The second half of this building is the user-created content. This can include unique locations, special races, concepts, or abilities. These must be submitted to staff for approval, then must be approved again by a popular vote before being made part of the MUSH canon. Rules or guidelines for this content must be laid out in advance.

Priority 3: Individual Choices
This is everything that is created by the users in regards to their characters' histories, abilities, and actions. Anything at this level must not conflict or go beyond anything in the previous two categories. Any players of canon characters should refer to the FC Rules for details on what is and is not allowed in regards to filling in character blanks. Major changes to a character (such as changing shape in any way or a drastic personality change) must be approved by staff.

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