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RPiM FC Rules

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RPiM FC Rules Empty RPiM FC Rules

Post  Setrin on Fri Oct 05, 2012 8:59 pm

All players who obtain an FC must obey the following rules.

All FCs are required to stay in-character. This is judged not only by character staff, but by the general populace. If there is consensus that a particular FC is not staying to character they will be notified to amend this. If it persists, the character may be removed at the discretion of character staff.

FCs must mirror their show counterparts as close as possible. As such, characters will be expected have the same experiences and situations. If for some reason, events in the show render any character unable to be active in Equestria, the player may have to relinquish the character in extreme circumstances.

Any FCs are allowed to fill any blank spots in canon they wish with the exception of family and anything that is considered blatantly contrary to the character's nature. If later canon evidence arises to contradict this, the player is encouraged to work with Plot and Character staff to help sort it out.

No FCs are allowed long-term non-canon relationships. Casual dating, however is fine. This is to preserve status quo in case the character changes players and the new player doesn't want to be too bound to the previous player's relations.

The family or ancestry of any FC is to be strictly defined as what is seen in the show. No OCs can be related to an FC either through blood relations or adoption. Likewise other major characters who are not stated to cannot be related to one another. Same reasoning with status quo above.

Each tier of FCs has a specified RP requirement. This RP requirement must be open, active, and varied among the grid. Private, closed, or otherwise less open scenes do not count toward this.

Character squatting is strictly prohibited. This is the practice of only logging on the bare minimum amount of time to keep the character and doing little else with it. We expect our potential FC players to be active and involved in the MUSH.

T1 FCs are required to RP in at least one publicly open scene a week.
T2 FCs are required to RP in at least one publicly open scene every two weeks.
T3 FCs are not bound to any RP limit and are mostly treated the same as OCs with the exceptions of the previous rules.

In the event that a player of an FC cannot log on for a certain period of time (vacation, illness, emergency, etc.) A simple notification is usually enough to excuse the player from the RP requirement until they return.

FCs are not allowed to engage in long-term plotlines that fully take away their ability to interact with the general populace for extended periods. The length of time that is too much for a particular FC will be determined by plot staff on a case by case basis, taking into account the projected length of the plotline, the importance of the FC, and the demand for RPable scenes with said character.

FCs are expected to be examples of good behavior. FCs should strive to be an example to the rest of the MUSH as far as IC and OOC actions are concerned. They will be held to a higher standard, and are expected to exemplify the standards of RP etiquette.

A player can have an FC taken away under the following conditions

  • Remaining blatantly contrary to the character after being told to amend something.
  • Not meeting the RP requirements for a substantial length of time or refusing to RP in open scenes.
  • Having multiple complaints about player conduct.
  • Being issued enough citations to render the player disqualified for the tier of the FC.

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