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Using the MUSH Bulletin Board

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Using the MUSH Bulletin Board Empty Using the MUSH Bulletin Board

Post  Setrin on Sun Feb 10, 2013 12:20 am

The MUSH makes use of a bulletin board for various events and making specifics known.

How to use the board:

+bbread - Displays the board topics
+bbread # - Displays all topics in the board
+bbread#/# - Displays a specific board post
+bbpost #/<Title>=<Content> - Creates a board post in the specified topic
+bbremove #/# - Removes the specified board post (Only those you have posted.)
+bbnext - Automatically displays the next unread board post
+bbcatchup #-# - Automatically clears all bbposts as read.

When posting and/or reading the board, please make note of which board contains what.

1. Announcements - This is where important announcements will be placed. Only staff posts here.
2. Auditions - This is where Audition announcements and results will be posted. Only charstaff post here.
3. Events - This is where staff-run events will be showcased as well as various other major events hosted by players.
4. Vacations - This is where players post about when they will be away from the MUSH for long periods of time.
5. Requests - This is where player can request to see specific characters played or declare that certain characters related to their character are open for application. This is essentially the audition board for OCs and minor characters.
6. Rumors - This is where rumors will be displayed. This is any sort of IC news or events floating around that characters might catch wind of.
7. Spotlight - Have something funny you want to share? Post it here!
8. Affiliates - This is where affiliates of RPiM will be shown as well as their connection info.
9. Settings and Lore - Here is where we keep everything related to MUSH continuity and canon. Many are paraphrased versions of what you would find on the Worldbuilding section but links are in each post as well.

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