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RPiM Forum Rules

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RPiM Forum Rules Empty RPiM Forum Rules

Post  Setrin on Fri Oct 05, 2012 8:37 pm


About: This forum is a supplement to the RPiM MUSH role-playing environment (often referred to as the MUSH or grid) and does not take place on the forum itself. Please see our contact information for instructions on how to connect to the MUSH. Both sites have their own sets of rules in accordance with their respective Terms of Services.

All players must at least 13 years of age or older to log into the forum without parental permission.

No illegal activity may be done or advocated on either the RPiM forum or MUSH. No actions against United States Federal, State, or Local law will be tolerated. This includes the use, spread, and advocation of pirated downloads, identity theft, unlawful solicitation of services or products, and various other unlawful activities. We are legally required to contact the appropriate law enforcement should this be discovered.

Inappropriate links cannot be posted on any channels or boards. This includes but is not limited to sites invoking hateful or ignorant speech, activism toward or against specific political or religious groups or individuals, pornography, or links to illegal sites.

All players are expected to act in a courteous manner to one another. Please respect one another's views, opinions, and affiliations. Inciting hateful, derogatory, or condescending speech against another player is not tolerated.

There is a zero tolerance policy on harassment of any kind. You may not use any sort of program or equipment to monitor the actions of other users without their consent. RPiM reserves the right to review logs in if a harassment report is filed and strict sanctions will be made on the offender.

In accordance to Forumotion's terms of service, the content rating of the forum is PG-13 as a maximum. No content anywhere on the forum is allowed to go beyond this. This includes any mention of sexual or violent behavior. No discussion of illegal, illicit, or inappropriate activity can occur anywhere on the forum.

Discussion forums each have their own special rules. For the sake of convenience, the primary ones will be listed here:
Art/Writing: Be respectful and only offer positive criticism. Plagiarism will be taken very seriously.
Media Discussion: Again, be respectful of others' opinions. Spoilers should be marked with tags where appropriate.


Failure to comply with these rules will result in disciplinary action depending on the severity of the infraction up to and including permanent banishment from both the RPiM MUSH and forum.

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