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Custom Content Submission Guidelines

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Custom Content Submission Guidelines Empty Custom Content Submission Guidelines

Post  Setrin on Tue Aug 13, 2013 7:45 pm

RPiM allows the creation of custom lore for the MUSH. This includes specific types of magic and technology not from the show and the introduction of new races and places. Changes can also be proposed to existing lore, but these are often much harder to get approved.

Proposing Content
When you want to bring something to staff that you want to add to MUSH canon, please send a mail to a wizard detailing what you want. This can include the introduction of a custom idea, place, or new playable character types. During this time, you will likely be working with staff to make sure the idea is in line with already established canon and will not cause any conflicts. Anything that blatantly contrasts the theme, existing canon, or circumvents established rules will most likely simply be denied.

Voting on Canonization
Once staff has approved the final version of the proposed idea, a poll is posted up here on the forum for the userbase to vote on whether or not to implement the idea. The poll will contain all information and rulings that will be used if the idea is passed into MUSH canon.. There must be roughly a 3/5 majority in the total votes (with the overall vote count exceeding 50% of the average active playerbase) for an idea to be passed. After that, an official opening announcement is given on when the content is opened up to the public.

Denial of Content
There are two main ways in which submitted content may be denied. Staff may deny the proposal of custom content for any reason. Most often this will be either the lack of a compromise on how the new content will be implemented or that the idea is simply considered contrary to what is already established on the MUSH. Or the content does not meet the required votes for full admission. In the case of a content idea being denied, it cannot be proposed again by the same player for another three months. If an idea fails passing three consecutive times, it will no longer be accepted for application.

There are certain ideas and changes that will always automatically be denied at the staff level:

  • Changing the limitations on races and FCs. (i.e. OCs of Restricted races will not be allowed)
  • Changes to most major rules will be removed from consideration in most cases.
  • Any custom locations, themes, races, or other content that is blatantly against canon will not be considered.
  • Tech suggestions that incorporate heavy automation or high-power output such as steampunk of magitech concepts will likely not be considered.

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