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About the Citation System and Bannings

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About the Citation System and Bannings Empty About the Citation System and Bannings

Post  Setrin on Fri Oct 05, 2012 8:46 pm

It's not an easy topic to discuss but I see no reason why I should explain to everypony EXACTLY why someone is getting punished. Here are the ways you can most easily get banned from this site. If you aren't sure why you got a citation or were banned, it will 99% of the time be on this list.

Offenses that will result in immediate banishment.

  • Anything that requires us to file an official police report against a user. This can include organization or solicitation of illegal activities, heavy harassment/threats, and stalking.
  • Knowingly engaging in adult (sexual) roleplay with an underage player will result in both accounts being banned. This is, in fact, a felony in the United States.
  • In relation to the above, a player found lying about their age will be banned if they refuse to provide proof of their actual age.
  • Attempting to hack into the MUSH, it's code, or the forum for any reason will result in banishment and potentially legal action.

Citations are the main method of major rule enforcement. They are only given out during specific circumstances. You will be banned if you collect your sixth citation. The duration of the banishment is determined on a case-by-case basis taking into account what kinds and how quickly citations were issued.

Offenses that will result in citations

  • Having been reprimanded for the same persistent inappropriate behavior multiple times.
  • If a player is found either given or accepted some form of bribe during an audition will receive a citation on top of being disqualified from the audition.
  • Engaging in adult (sexual) roleplay
  • Undergoing any plotline without plotstaff approval that could have major repercussions to all players. (i.e. Mass outbreak of illness, war, dragon, super-powerful magic, etc.)
  • Posting an inappropriate link or content on the MUSH or forum.
  • Attempting to avoid answering to staff such as leaving a room or scene either via movement or disconnect after a wizard has declared lockdown or being summoned elsewhere by staff. (This can be appealed with good reason.)

Offenses that will result in multiple citiations

  • Players who refuse to obey a direct staff order more than once will be issued increasing citations. (One on the first offense, two on the second, etc.)
  • Players who are found guilty of OC theft (The use of another person's character without permission) will be issued a citation on the first offense and the removal of the character. More may be issued on subsequent offenses.
  • Players who are caught accusing another player of a serious offense only to cause them problems will be issued two citations. This will turn into a straight banishment on the second offense.
    Using us to persecute innocent players and wasting our time with a snipe hunt will be taken very seriously.

Clearing Citations
It is possible to remove citations from your record. Players who exhibit good behavior over a prolonged period of time can appeal to have citations removed from their record. This will be determined by a wizard meeting and depends on the length of time since the last citation and the severity of the infractions.

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