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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Empty Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Post  Setrin on Tue Jan 29, 2013 8:22 pm

What is this place and what sets it apart from others?
Role Play is Magic or RPiM is a role-playing MUSH set in the theme of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  The intent of the MUSH is to create an experience that mirrors the setting of the show as accurately as possible by adopting a narrow-canon focus.  While this will inevitably result in a stricter setting, but we hope that it will remain a fun and stable one not burdened by heavy fanon so that any fan of MLP familiar with the show can jump right in and not be lost in custom lore.  We are always open to ideas and suggestions the user base feels we could benefit from.

What is the content rating of the MUSH?
We realize that there must be a balance struck in role-play environments.  Different players have different tastes and comfort zones.  We also realize the need to balance out the child-centric show theme with the far older audience base MLP has generated.  To that end, we have decided on a common rating of PG to PG-13. Any settings or situations that exceed this rating are not allowed.

How do you determine what is canon and what isn’t?
MUSH canon is determined by information about the setting with multiple levels of priority.  Most importantly is the show itself.  Any characters, objects, events, lore, creatures, culture, and any other important pieces of information directly shown and/or stated in the show are taken as top priority canon and cannot be disputed.  Secondly is the supplementary material.  This can be anything from merchandise to commentary by show writers and producers.  Beyond that is what can be commonly inferred by these elements.  While there is a high degree of subjectivity to this, plotstaff must back up any inferences made about show canon with facts from the show itself.

When no facts are presented, but an important detail must be fleshed out, then plotstaff will commonly fill in the blanks with a small set of custom lore used to homogenize specific areas to avoid confusion.  This will invariably be things such as the structure of important or prominent organizations such as Royal Guard or the Wonderbolts as well as non-pony cultures to keep a sense of common setting with more unique characters.  However, if any elements created by staff are contradicted by a new event in the show, then the show’s content will take priority and retconning may occur, so staff is sparse with fleshing out details it doesn’t need to or making connections that may not exist.

RPiM encourages expansion through custom lore, but this must be approved both by staff and a popular vote. The initial concept must be presented to staff, then the creator is encouraged to work with staff to flesh out the idea, make sure it is both reasonable and fits in the setting well enough. Then the details are placed to a vote by the userbase. If the users approve the content, then it becomes MUSH canon and usable by the playerbase. If not, it is discarded.

Individual character lore is up to the player of that character, but they must work within the guidelines the show and any staff or user-created content.  If there is a question or a conflict, players are highly encouraged to work with staff to reach an agreement.

What is the policy about canon-characters?
Major characters that appear on the show are called Feature Characters or FCs.  They serve as the primary protagonists and antagonists of the show and are likewise going to play those parts on RPiM whilst interacting with the various characters, places and things the players bring forth.  While the term “feature character” is common used to refer only to the primary protagonists with central and important roles in the plotline, we use the term as a blanket for all characters with a canon appearance on the show.

What is the role of the FCs?
The role of a feature character on RPiM is to aide in the task to replicate as close as possible the feeling that the players are in the same Equestria as the show.  They are expected to not only to act within their canon personas, but to be heavily involved in the daily activities of the MUSH and serve as examples of ideal players both in skill of writing and in conduct.  FCs on RPiM are held to a very high standard on both of these fronts.  Despite being in control of a specified player, they are not the sole domain of the player and can be taken away in extreme circumstances.  For all intents and purposes, they are considered to belong to the MUSH as a whole.

How does someone obtain an FC?
How a player goes about obtaining an FC depends on how the character is ranked.   Each grouping of characters has different requirements for application.  The player must first be eligible to apply for the level of FC they wish and not be in control of another already.  There is a limit of one FC per player.

Tier 1 (T1) characters are the central protagonists with substantial screen focus and importance on either the plot of the show or the background of its lore.  These include the Mane 6, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, the Princesses, and other important characters.  All T1 characters are given out via scheduled auditions at times determined by staff.

Tier 2 (T2) characters are secondary characters that often appear as plot-drivers or supplements that assist the central characters.  These are commonly any character with some combination of the following traits: a stated name, a clearly defined personality, a substantial speaking role in at least one episode, and a clearly defined role in the canon.  T2 auditions function in an identical format to T1 auditions, but will only take place once there is specified interest in the character in question.

Tier 3 (T3) characters are reoccurring background characters popularized by the fanbase.  The often have no name, spoken dialogue, or personality as provided by the show itself.  Many T3 characters require no special auditions to apply for outside of being eligible to apply for one.  Particularly popular characters such as DJ PON-3, Derpy Doo, Lyra Heartstrings, and Time Turner may have an audition judged on the player’s interpretation of the character if there is enough demand for them. Such FCs are the only T3s that count toward the FC limit, but many others who are little more than a name and a face and don’t have any sort of large following usually will not.

What rules does an FC have to follow?
All FCs have specified guidelines that they are required to adhere to.  All FCs must adhere as strongly to their canon personas as possible.  While room is given for the player to fill in blanks spots in personal information, nothing is allowed to overwrite or overpower canon information.  Family (biological or adopted) and permanent relationship status of FCs is not allowed to be altered.  Most FCs are required to remain active in the public areas and keep themselves accessible to the public as often as possible.  They are also highly encouraged to have regular mini events or ongoing scenes in public parts of the MUSH.

How extensive is the MUSH’s physical landscape?
The MUSH will contain multiple major areas consisting of the cities primarily seen or spoken of in the show.  Current active areas are Ponyville and Canterlot with plans to include Cloudsdale, and the Everfree Forest soon. More areas are added in as demand increases.  Buildings and rooms within cities also adhere to demand and canon-elements are often added either by FCs or staff depending on who is deemed more appropriate to add them.

What are the differences between public and private areas of the MUSH?
The public portions of the MUSH are any and all staff-created areas with the most direct content standards.  These include all open-space rooms such as town squares, districts, or staff-created buildings.  No one is allowed to be denied entry or passage through these areas for any reason unless directly mandated by a wizard.

Semi-Public portions of the MUSH are rooms and buildings created by the players of FCs.  These are buildings officially owned by the various canon characters but are likely to be places of regular role-playing and the main rooms of such should not be closed off to public access and are treated with the same content standards as the public rooms, but the owner of the rooms reserves the right to deny entry or ask specific players to leave the area in specific circumstances.  Businesses and shops owned by regular players are also adhered to these standards.

Private portions of the MUSH are all rooms and buildings created by the regular players.  These are almost always the homes of the everyday populace.  These areas are in full control of the one who built it and has full control over who can enter and who is allowed to stay.  Many semi-public buildings are allowed one private room for closed scenes and   Content standards are expected to be the same as public and semi-public rooms, but leniency occasionally is given due to the privacy factor.

What features does RPiM currently have?
RPiM operates with PennMUSH verson 1.8.2 and as such has all the features that come with that version of the system.  As for custom features for users to implement, we are still working on most of that and will add specific features as we feel they are necessary and/or there is high demand for them.

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