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Know Your Channels - A Guide

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Know Your Channels - A Guide Empty Know Your Channels - A Guide

Post  Setrin on Tue Nov 13, 2012 2:38 pm

We have various channels on RPiM to use. Here's a quick primer on each one for reference.

HELPFUL COMMANDS - Each command must be followed by the channel name or the first letter in its name.
@chan/list - Displays a list of the channels available to you.
@chan/on - This opens up the channel for use.
@chan/off - This turns the channel off. This will reset the title.
@chan/title <channel>=<title> - This will set a title to appear before your name in a particular channel.
@chan/gag - This will mute the channel, listing you as being on the channel, but not actively listening. This will end when you either ungag the channel or log out.
@chan/ungag - Ungags the channel.
@chan/mute - Blocks connection notifications from appearing. This persists even after log in and must be unmuted manually.
@chan/unmute - Resumes showing connection notifications.
@chan/who - Shows who is currently using the channel.

Newbie - New players and guests can talk here to ask about what they might need to get started.
Public - General chat. Topics that go elsewhere may be asked to be moved.
Entertainment - Talk of TV and Movies. Cleared series/movies will be allowed to be talked about with a public spoiler warning for a set period of time. (particularly new MLP episodes) Talk to staff for more info.
Gaming - Computer, video, and tabletop gaming all goes here. Keep spoilers of recent or well-known games to page.
Role-Play - If you are looking for some RP, advertise here. This is also a good place to ask about potential scenes.
Assistance - This is the channel staff and regular members uses to aide anyone with possible questions. This is a good place to bring a problem or question some attention.


  • Try to be respectful of one another's opinions in general.
  • Creating drama is not something anyone wants to experience. If there are any major issues going on between you and any other players try to keep it off the channels as much as possible.
  • Please keep any political or religious debates off of the channels. This NEVER ends well for anyone.
  • Subsequently, if any discussion on a channel is viewed to be out of hand by staff, players can be told to stop immediately.
  • As discussed in the general MUSH rules, no pornographic, illegal, or otherwise negative links can be shared on the channels.
  • Every channel has a rating limit. The rating limit on the channels is PG to PG-13. Explicit sexual or violent subjects are not allowed on any of the channels. Exact content rating of what is and is not appropriate is at the jurisdiction of whatever staff is online.

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