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Dual Characters

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Dual Characters Empty Dual Characters

Post  Setrin on Mon Nov 05, 2012 5:58 pm

You're part of a dynamic duo. You and your other half are always seen together. You're nothing without each other but... How do you do that on grid? Simple, you have a Dual Character.

A dual character is a character profile that comes with a spoofable partner who is there to compliment and complete the other half. One of the two characters will be the primary character and named for the account, while the other will be spoofed by the character as a second. They are a step above NPCs in that they are a major part of the character. They also differ from puppets in that they are spoofed rather than remotely controlled.

Examples of Dual Characters
Twins or otherwise siblings
Parent and child pair
Close friends
A specific character who only is in scenes with the alt

Idealy, the secondary character should always be spoofed in relation to the primary and while they can be spoofed on their own, they shouldn't take up more 'screen time' than the primary. If this happens, staff may recommend either to dial down the involvement of the secondary, split the two into separate character accounts/profiles, or shift the focus of the dual character to the secondary rather than the primary (changing the name and relevant profile details.

FC Dual Characters
Some characters are often accompanies by friends and relevant counterparts. These FCs, once cast. will allow the player control over both characters until the other is cast. Both players can agree to continue to spoof one another as secondaries but should not do so when both are online. However, it is not required to allow this.

  • Twilight and Spike - When cast, Twilight will have temporary control of Spike as a secondary until the latter is cast. When not online, Twilight can continue to spoof Spike with permission of his player, but not when he is online.
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders - Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo should often RP together. In the case that one of them is missing, the other two can spoof the missing third until she logs on. One CMC cannot spoof the other two, however.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Cake
  • Aloe and Lotus Blossom
  • Snips and Snails
  • Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon
  • The Flim Flam brothers

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