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Post  Setrin on Fri Oct 05, 2012 10:14 pm

Neither RPiM, the site provider, or the MUSH provider will contact any users asking for passwords or personal information. The only thing a user may ever be required to verify is age due to certain restrictions on the MUSH. However, no other information well ever be asked to be given for any reason. Please report any asking for personal information directly to the administration.

The MUSH provider and the forum provider are not affiliated in any way and each have their own Terms of Service which will be obeyed on their respective mediums. No infringement of either agreement is intended to be exhibited.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and any other materials discussed are copyright of their respective owners and no infringement is intended by RPiM in either the forum or the MUSH. Both are created for entertainment purposes only.

Any and all art and writing shown are intellectual property of their creators after proper copyright. Any unwarranted distribution of either done by RPiM's users do so of their own accord independent of the site and do so at their own risk. RPiM and its providers are not responsible for any legal action taken against any of its users for such distribution.

Neither the forum or the MUSH intend any unlawful or malicious action. Any attack or loss data, personal effects, property, or information is not the responsibility of RPiM.

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