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An Overview of Equestria

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An Overview of Equestria Empty An Overview of Equestria

Post  Setrin on Fri Oct 05, 2012 9:01 pm

Equestria is a country of ponies. It is ruled by Princess Celestia and her sister Luna. They possess the power over the rising and setting of the sun and moon respectively. While they do hold supreme power over the country, each of the major cities and settlements is allowed a large degree of autonomy.

Canterlot is the current capital of Equestria and where the Royal Palace is. The city was originally the capital of Ancient Unicornia. As a result, much of the populace is still unicorns. Canterlot society is dominated by the high class and as a result, the standard of living is high. Very few outside of the fabulously wealthy can afford to live in Canterlot comfortably.

Cloudsdale is a cloud city home to Equestria's primary weather factory. As the entire city is made of cloud, only pegasi actively live in Cloudsdale, but special cloud-walking utility spells can make it capable for non-pegasi to visit without falling through to the ground. This has caused a modest surge in a newfound tourist industry. Cloudsdale is also known for premiere flight training via its expansive flight school.

Ponyville is a relatively new city having been founded roughly two or three generations ago. A small handful of its founding populace is still alive including Granny Smith of Sweet Apple Acres, the current matriarch of the family who first received the charter from Princess Celestia. Ponyville is known for its lucrative farmland for being of Equestria's only truly mixed cities with equal parts earth pony, unicorn, and pegasus in its population. However, it is still a fairly small city and while it has many of the amenities of larger population centers, it is still only just coming into the radar for its unique and friendly businesses and events.

Everfree Forest
The Everfree Forest has long been a place of mystery to pony-kind. Plants grow uncontrollably, animals are left to fend for themselves, clouds move on their own, but most importantly, the place is infested with dangerous monsters. There is also the old dilapidated ruins that originally held the Elements of Harmony that many say is still infested with evil.

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