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Audition Procedure

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Audition Procedure Empty Audition Procedure

Post  Setrin on Wed Aug 07, 2013 8:40 pm

Before Auditions
FCs are allowed to be spoofed without permission from character staff. It is advisable to save logs of the better RPs done in this manner to post on the forum to demonstrate further interest in the role. If you do audition, make sure you will be able to meet the RP requirements.

Preparing For Auditions
Tier 1 FCs: The character will be announced as being up for audition. Interested parties will page staff declaring intent (one entry per player). There will be a two week period between the announcement and the audition itself.
Tier 2 FCs: The character audition will only take place once there has been displayed interest in a character. Otherwise all other rules are the same.
Tier 3 FCs: There will only be auditions for background ponies if there is sufficient interest in the character (such as popular backgrounders like Bon Bon or Vinyl Scratch). If only one player is interested the character staff may decide simply to allow an application. If there is an audition, the audition will be based on the most well-liked rendering rather than the most accurate interpretation since there is no canon personality to go by. However, it is encouraged that players not simply regurgitate popular fan ideas of a character and be unique and creative with their rendition.

Players must pass the following qualifications in order to audition. The host of the audition decides how and whether these requirements are met when matters of subjectivity arise.

  • The player must have been a member in good standing for two weeks prior to the audition announcement.
  • The player must not exceed the citation limit for the character they are auditioning for.
  • The player is only allowed one FC per account (with the exception of most T3s). For example, if a player already plays Cheerilee, they cannot audition for the part of Shining Armor.

During this time, those who have will not be allowed to broadcast or otherwise advertise that they have auditioned to attempt to win over potential votes. One entry per player is allowed. Breaking this anonymity can bar the player from future auditions.

Judges will be randomly selected from a pool before the audition. Those who wish to judge an audition will submit interest to character staff who will then add your name to the judging pool. One entry per player is allowed. Once chosen, a judge cannot tell others he/she is judging. Breaking this anonymity can bar the player from future auditions.

The Audition
Auditioners will be asked to log into a page-locked Audition account in the audition room. This account is not allowed to leave the audition room. Judges will be asked to move to the Judging room. The judges will receive feed from the Audition room, but cannot directly communicate with the auditioners. Each auditioner will be given a few questions to answer regarding their potential character and asked to roleplay out a scene with volunteer participants. The scene will be identical for each participant. After all auditioners have finished, the judges will deliberate and cast their votes for the winner.

If for any reason a player cannot make it to the scheduled audition, they must tell the designated audition host as soon as possible. A rescheduling is possible if the make-up date is no fewer than a few days to a week away from the initial date. However, a reschedule cannot be asked for more than once. If you cannot make your reschedule date, you will be disqualified from the audition.

A player can be disqualified from an audition at the discretion of character staff for the following reasons.

  • Attempting to bribe judges or otherwise unfairly influence the voting outcome.
  • Obtaining citations during the time between the audition process and the audition itself.
  • Not meeting the requirements for being able to audition.

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