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Race Restrictions

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Race Restrictions Empty Race Restrictions

Post  Setrin on Wed Aug 07, 2013 8:23 pm

Characters should all be one of the existing races of Equestria. The races are divided into three categories based on factors of rarity and their role in Equestria.

There are no requirements for applying for a character of a basic race. They are considered a normal sight in Equestria. All new players are required to have a basic race as their first character, and there are no limits on the number of these races or criteria for obtaining one.

• Earth Pony
• Pegasus
• Unicorn
• Diamond Dog
• Donkey
• Mule
• Griffon
• Zebra
• Buffalo

Advanced races are a far rarer sight in Equestria as a whole an the appearance of one is often the cause of either alarm, concern, or wonder- sometimes a combination thereof. Advanced races can only be applied for by someone who has been an active member in good standing for a minimum of one month and approved by Character Staff.

• Bat Pony
• Changeling
• Dragon (Baby or Adolescent)
• Minotaur

Restricted races are highly limited. The only characters allowed to be a restricted race are canon characters who are of said race. No OCs of the following races are permitted.

• Alicorn
• Nightmare
• Draconequus
• Changeling (Queen)
• Dragon (Adult)

On Mixed Races
Under no circumstances are mixed or latent races allowed. Each character is of a single race and abides by its specific rules and limitations. Lineage may be used to justify a specific parentage (i.e. Baby Cakes), but not abilities. Likewise, half breeds of different races are not allowed. For all intents and purposes, ponies and non-ponies are genetically incompatible. The only known race mix allowed is the Mule, a combination of pony and Donkey parents. Mules cannot inherit wings or horns from the pony parent.

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