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Role-Play Etiquette

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Role-Play Etiquette Empty Role-Play Etiquette

Post  Setrin on Fri Nov 09, 2012 4:20 am

Just as there are rules for role-playing on the MUSH, there are certain courtesies one should extend to other players. Please be mindful of these guidelines as they can reflect on what sort of player you are. Please note that blatant disregard for etiquette and courtesy toward other players can cross over into behavioral discipline in extreme instances.

  • Be respectful of all other players and their characters. Do not degrade or mock another player's character concept even if you disagree with it.
  • Constructive criticism and advice should be both given and taken politely. However, it is up to the receiving end whether they wish to heed such advice.
  • Please try to separate IC and OOC relations. Refusing IC interaction for OOC reasons or vice-versa is not a good way of interacting. A player's choice of character should not automatically exclude them from IC interaction.
  • Learn to respect each other's RP tastes. If there is a discrepancy try to work it out. Feel free to call upon staff for assistance if you wish.
  • Under no circumstances should a player feel forced into a particular situation. If a player is uncomfortable with a specific IC outcome, please be respectful of that and try to find an outcome that both players are happy with.
  • Please be mindful of all that's going on in a scene. Don't deliberately ignore a player in a scene. Conversely, try to involve yourself in a scene.
  • If you enter a scene, it's polite to see if you're welcome in before you pose. While you cannot be forced to leave a public area, you must leave a player's personal rooms if asked. In addition if you aren't aware of what's going on in a scene, feel free to ask. Other players are usually apt to give a summary for you to go from. Never simply pose in without context as it can break flow.
  • Keep IC interaction as realistic and show-accurate as possible. Do not use OOC knowledge to your character's advantage if they shouldn't know it ICly. Also try to refrain from "powergaming" and making your character somehow more skilled than they should be, strangely attune to surroundings or minute details, etc.
  • Your actions are your own. You do not get to decide the actions or reactions of another player's character. Never pose in a such a way that does not allow the other player control over their reaction.
  • Attempt to keep chatter on OOC channels to a minimum when there is active RP in the room. If an actual conversation develops, please move it to a chat channel to minimize distraction.

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