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Celebrities of Equestria

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Celebrities of Equestria Empty Celebrities of Equestria

Post  Setrin on Sun Oct 14, 2012 12:11 am

If you live in Equestria, turns out you've probably heard of the following ponies. These are the names that are known to just about everypony out there.

Princess Celestia and Princess Luna - Being the undisputed ruler of Equestria for over a millennium, it's no surprise that Celestia is well known and respected throughout Equestria. Everypony knows to drop and show respect when she enters a room. Luna has also started to regain this treatment with her return.

Shining Armor and Princess Cadence - Prince and Princess of the Crystal Empire respectively, they have recently come into power with the Empire's recent reemergence and opening up into tourism. They attempt to maintain a very public face and can often be seen playing an active role in the Empire's day to day activities.

Hoity Toity - A premiere Canterlot fashion critic and owner of one of Canterlot's most exclusive boutiques. He only sells outfits by designers he feels are absolutely the best and is known for being a very hard critic.

Photo Finish - Photo Finish is a photographer and celebrity propagandist. She scouts and promotes new talent, particularly fashion models. She is known for being incredibly hard to work with, often being pushy, demanding, and outright dismissive of anypony she isn't currently focusing on.

Sapphire Shores - A pop diva known for extravagant and flashy outfits, she performs all around Equestria and seems to find amusement over fans fawning over her.

Fancypants - A well-known, wealthy, and by all accounts likable Canterlot socialite who has been called "the most important pony in Canterlot" (perhaps save for the princesses themselves). While he often keeps to the upper crust of the social ladder as is expected of him, he has been known to extend invitations to those who appear to have the proper bearing.

The Wonderbolts - The most famous and most skilled trick flyer team in Equestria. Even being considered good enough to get their attention is no small feat, let alone the incredibly steep requirements for joining. They entertain the elite and are often some of the most high-profile guests at social events.

About the Mane Six and the Elements of Harmony
The existence of the Elements of Harmony is not common knowledge to the every day Equestrian. As a result, their status as the bearers of the country's foremost friendship-powered superweapon is relatively unknown. This allows the six to live rather undisturbed lives. If you haven't met one of them in person, you've likely never heard of them with a few exceptions.
  • Twilight Sparkle was well-known to those in Canterlot Castle. As Princess Celestia's personal student, she often spent a lot of time there before moving to Ponyville. Now she's notable for being the local librarian. However with her recent coronation as princess, it's becoming a surprise for anyone to NOT know who she is.
  • Applejack is well-known throughout Ponyville as the major business manager of Sweet Apple Acres. She is often the one seen throughout town selling their apples.
  • Rainbow Dash has a fan club of various fillies that look up to her in Ponyville and is known for her both her skill and the boasting thereof. However her Sonic Rainboom has recently gotten her more than a little attention among flying enthusiasts.
  • Rarity is known in Ponyville as the only major clothing designer in town who makes everything herself without any help whatsoever. However she has been showcased by the likes of Hoity Toity and Fancypants, so she has begun making a modest name for herself in the fashion world.
  • Pinkie Pie is a bit of a local legend in Ponyville for her strange "Pinkie Sense" and hyperactive personality. She's almost always the first pony any new visitor to Ponyville meets... and the last to introduce herself since she was busy preparing your welcome party.
  • Fluttershy is one of the few ponies of the Mane Six to not be particularly standout due to her wallflower nature. She tries to keep out of the spotlight, but her status as a former model might cue off the more fashion-conscious lot. Almost all tend to leave her alone on the matter, however.

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