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About Log Posting Empty About Log Posting

Post  Setrin on Thu Oct 11, 2012 7:22 pm

Log posts are a great way to share your best moments and favorite stories. We do have a few rules surrounding what can and cannot be posted however. Logs are not required to be kept but sharing interesting moments is encouraged.

The following logs are highly encouraged to be posted.
  • Any events hosted by a user should post a log of them here to show other users who couldn't make it what happened.
  • Interesting stories, either short or long term that anypony wants to share.
  • Any interesting events or something leading into character development.

All logs must follow the the following guidelines.
  • You should always make sure all those involved in what is being posted is okay with sharing the log before it is posted.
  • If a log requires an update from an ongoing story, please post it IN the thread already created for it. Do not create more than one thread for a single story arc.
  • No mature or adult stories can be shared here due to the content rating limits of the forum and its Terms of Service.
  • Feel free to enhance the log with images, but do not make the images egregiously large. This takes up a lot of bandwidth and makes things harder to read. Links to music should be done with reputable sites like YouTube.
  • Never post any download links in the forum. Google Docs links are acceptable.

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