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The Equestrian Calendar of Events

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The Equestrian Calendar of Events Empty The Equestrian Calendar of Events

Post  Setrin on Wed Oct 10, 2012 12:34 am

Summer Sun Celebration Summer Solstice - The longest day of the year in which Princess Celestia raises the sun to celebrate another year of harmony. Each year a different city is chosen to host it.

Nightmare Night October 31 - A holiday that uses the old legend of Nightmare Moon as a theme. Ponies dress in costume and children go door to door collecting candy. Games are often set up in the middle of the town square.

Hearth's Warming Eve December 25 - The celebration of the founding of Equestria and the legend surrounding it. Oftentimes gives are exchanged and winter-themed decorations are all over during the week or two surrounding the holiday. Canterlot is notable for having the largest pageant recreation of the founding in Equestria, and being selected to perform in it is a high honor.

Winter Wrap-Up First week before Spring - A community-based clean up effort to prepare the town for spring and remove the winter weather manually. Each city has its own procedure for this.

Hearts and Hooves Day February 14 - This holiday is a celebration of love. Anyone with a very special somepony gets together for a nice day together and the singles ponies start looking, even just for the day. The day and the events surrounding it are marked by a lot of stores selling things to facilitate the coming holiday.

Grand Galloping Gala Spring Equinox - An exclusive invitation-only event held in Canterlot Palace. Often the host to famous faces and numerous high-class guests, being considered for an invitation is a high honor.

Sisterhooves Social Spring - An event hosted by the local farms in Ponyville in which young teams of sisters compete in a relay race. A nominal prize is given to the winner but the event is really simply to celebrate sisterly bonds. As of current there is no male equivalent of this event yet.

Running of the Leaves Autumn Equinox - In preparation for winter, multiple ponies gather to race down the Whitetail Wood to cause the leaves to fall from the trees and to collect sap from them. All racers must only use their running. There is a nominal prize to the top placers.

Young Flyers Competition Sometime in mid-summer - An event hosted by the Wonderbolts in Clodusdale and often graced by Princess Celestia. Participants are composed of many of the up and coming wannabe expert flyers in the surrounding area. Each is allowed time to perform their best trick. The winner gets to spend a day with the Wonderbolts themselves.

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