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The Equestrian Royal Guard

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The Equestrian Royal Guard Empty The Equestrian Royal Guard

Post  Setrin on Sun Oct 07, 2012 10:30 pm

The Equestrian Royal Guard is an expansive team of trained mares and stallions tasked with protecting the princesses, guarding Canterlot Castle from intruders and keeping watch over ceremonies and events the princesses will attend. All entrants are trained in a serious of mental, physical, and emotional discipline exercises geared to each specific type of pony. Provided they pass the tests, the new guard is given a set of enchanted armor and assignments. The armor changes the appearance of the wearer to one of two setups. Either the white coat, blue maned version or the grey coat, white maned version. High-ranking and notable guardsponies, however, sometimes will have custom armor sets to be more easily recognized. They are expected to act professional and stoic at all times. However, the guard is not a standing military, and guardsponies are only taught defensive skills (and spells where applicable). Mostly guards are for formality and to keep operations around the princesses as orderly as possible. Despite having the air of a military force for the country of Equestria, the peace the country has enjoyed has rendered the need for a full-sized warring force nonexistent.

The guard is composed of a simplified, pseudo-military structure. Rank is limited, but important to keeping order. The guard is headed by the Captain-of-the-Guard with most other important areas being staffed by Lieutenants at his discretion. There are no special ranks or divisions otherwise. All other guards are simply considered guards tasked with various things.

Princesses Celestia and Luna may occasionally assign ponies as part of their personal honor guard rather than a specific division. These guards are charged not only with pulling the princess's chariot, but with keeping a sense of modicum to wherever the princess goes by controlling the flow of guests. They may also run errands at the princess's request. While Celestia's guard is often simply in the garb of the standard guards, Luna prefers a custom ensemble with dark themes and bat wings.

During important operations, the Princess chooses who she wishes to undertake the task based on who is both readily available and has the skillset needed to do so. However, guard may not always be among those chosen.

Applying for a guard character must be approved by Character Staff. Advanced ranks can only be asked for if there are open slots available. Otherwise, your character will simply be a 'Guard'.

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